Aircon Sp. z o.o. provides services since 1999. The company’s main activity is the import of MDV air-conditioning units, which we are General Representative in Poland since 2004.

Since the company was founded, our core business is the import of a wide range of air-conditioning appliances, from popular wall-mounted split type units, through duct, cassette and ceiling units, multi-split type on-off and inverter units to complex VRF systems with variable refrigerant flow of MDV-D type.


2015 brings about a change in the visual identification of our company. First of all we have redrawn our logo:



The new logo colour and vision refers to the previous version, but owing to modifications it has acquired a new, modern and professional nature. Dark blue “aircon” wordmark is supplemented with a specific red point in the “o” letter. This is how we communicate to you the accuracy of solutions that the Aircon company can offer (“a bull’s-eye hit”), and also the heating function which together with cooling is available in products from our offer.


The new Aircon logo expresses our mission and position:

  • modernity
  • dynamism
  • accuracy of the solutions
  • 100% involvement in the world of HVAC solutions


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