MDV is a professional brand of air-conditioning appliances belonging to the Midea group. Our product range includes different types and classes of air-conditioning systems with broad applicability.

Established in 1999, it comes from commercial products group CAC (Commercial Air-Conditioning). Initially MDV brand was offering modern systems and components dedicated to commercial and industrial applications, e.g. VRF systems, chilled water units and fan-coils or condensing units. In 2001 the company decided to incorporate household air-conditioning solutions to its offer.

Today, MDV in one of the most dynamically developing companies in the air-conditioning sector. The company is cantinually developing new technologies and employs advanced solutions for manufacturing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient and what is the most important - reliable in operation appliances. The entire production process is closely monitored by the plant's quality control department.

Series of units

SPLIT series - wall units intended to be installed on wall. Advantages of this type of air-conditioners are: quiet operation, fast cooling and heating as well as energy saving. Perfect solution for flat or house.

MULTI series - one outdoor unit can be connected with 2 or up to 5 indoor units, all of which can operate independently. Connection of one outdoor unit with several indoor units makes it possible to individually cool or heat each room, which entails significant electric energy savings. It is a convenient solution when there is a need for air-conditioning of several living or office spaces.

OFFICE series - a wide range of available indoor units designed to achieve optimal cooling and heating capacity and to ensure comfortable working conditions. The products are recommended for all commercial solutions like: office, shop, restaurant.

VRF series - modular air-conditioning system, where many indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. Wide selection of indoor units for complete integration into building, while maintaining its internal and external aesthetics at low noise level. VRF systems are ideal for air conditioning in buildings, production and assembly halls, etc.).

MDV brand strategy

  • higher capacity, lower energy consumption
  • environmentally friendly
  • complate conmmercial air-conditioning solutions
  • easy to design
  • easy installation and maintenance