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What distinguishes this series? Good quality and good price!

Turbo Mode

By activation of this function the fan is started automatically with maximum speed to cool down or heat up the room as soon as possible.

Louver position memory

The air-conditioner stores the recent setting of the air louvers and restores them every time you turn it on.

Sleep function

By activation of this function the air-conditioner, during the first two hours of operation, automatically increases (or decreases in heating mode) the set temperature by 1°C every hour, while the fan is set to low speed. After further 5 hours of continuous operation - the air-conditioner turns off. Unnoticed by the user - slow temperature change and automatic unit shut down, guarantee keeping comfort and significant energy savings.

Mono & multi indoor units

Due to their universal structure, indoor units can be applied either in single or multi split type systems. This simplifies airconditioning systems configuration in buildings, where both solutions are used and at the same time there is a need to apply all indoor units from the same series.

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